JP Cooper’s “The Only Reason”

This video features JP Cooper’s steamy, siren voice parading his vocal genius and is sure to melt your heart to sloppy mush. In a good way of coarse.

A three-man ensemble is stool-stooped in a circle on a comfy, quaint porch. There, they perform a four minute act of YES LAWD; one cradling a cello, one with a violin snug beneath her chin, and another with an acoustic guitar nursed on his knee.

Lowered just above the maple shoulders of the guitar, are the mahogany dreads of a tender-voiced JP Cooper, hat and all.
The group begins their piece with JP’s voice hovering over some rich acoustic chords, as the camera sweeps from a lone flower to a pair of boots resting at the end of the porch.

A shoeless Cooper then builds upon his own sounds and, with a soft tumble, cascades into the chorus, joined by the two others.
JP’s voice erupts over a thick chowder of steady cello, by Ben Cashell, and a warm wisp of violin, by Tanah Stevens. The result is a light and breezy tune with a powerful message pushing behind it. “The only God gave me hands was to hold you/ the only reason God gave me ears was to hear your voice.”


Rhythmic Savoir Faire: An Infatuation With Music

“One thing about music, when its hit you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley


    The vibe, the wit of the artist, the flow that cascades ears to paradise on the edge of disaster. That is why I love music- for the “Noah’s Ark” of it all. Eff its Billboard rank. Eff its first week sales. Music is about the passion and the truth. With that said, let’s start the show…